December 20, 2017 — Team localos

Who are we? Not difficult to answer; just a bunch of people interested in different topics of computer science. Some of us are cyber-bullshit-bingo security enthusiasts, whereas others are e.g. more into mathematics ... in the end, all are somehow related to computer science and the underlying stuff.

What will you find here? Almost nothing, besides some tutorials, howtos of problems we encounter in our daily life. This might be some sysop or research related stuff and maybe some experiences in terms of organizing and setting up capture the flag events.

Last but not least, are you using the bullshit prefix cyber instead of maybe IT security? Yes, we do ... maybe. Why? Cause we can ... no, we think this term is characterized by the media and people who think they are the greatest. Ask ten different people for a definition and you'll get ten different ones.

Apt quotation:

"For IT security no one will pay, but for cyber security."

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