Team localos

CTF 2016 - A New Hope

May 27, 2016 — Team localos

14.10.2016 to 15.10.2016

After the success of the first event in 2015 team localos and ITIS e.V. presented in cooperation with the research institute CODE the next Capture The Flag (CTF) in 2016. This year we made a step away from the question-based format (Jeopardy) and moved one step more towards the supreme discipline Attack-Defence.
Each team got access to a - for the teams unknown - dedicated network infrastructure which they had to face. The goal was to identify possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities or find hints to more hidden tasks to get as much points as possible.
We offered two levels of difficulty, a beginner and an advanced track as we did in 2015. The separation of the teams was depending on the points reached during the qualifying.
To help people that are not that skilled in this area, we offered courses to some topics like Linux or network security during summer.
Special thanks to our supporters (alphabetical order) nerdsheaven Tranalyzer voice-logo

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