Team localos

CTF 2018 - Dark Fiber

May 27, 2018 — Team localos

23.11.2018 to 24.11.2018

In 2018, team localos and ITIS e.V. present in cooperation with the research institute CODE the next Capture The Flag (CTF) event.
On the 23rd of November from 18 o'clock on you will find challenging and exciting hours.
This year for the first time at UniBw M:
Attack - Defence
In a virtual environment the teams will directly face each other to earn flags and points ... and fame.
Additionally, we will offer a Jeopardy track. Here you can work on different challenges, find flags and receive glory and honor.
What are the goals of the event?
  • Learn actively defending systems
  • Develop and improve offensiv strategies
  • Solve tasks from different areas of IT security as a team
  • Motivate oneself and grow with the competition also on difficult tasks
  • Learn and/or increase abilities and skills
  • Useful distraction of the everyday university life
  • Fun with flags :)
Who can participate?
  • Members of the UniBwM that are interessted in IT and IT security
  • Your course of study or field of activity is irrelevant ... the only thing needed is motivation :)
  • If slots are left, external teams might participate, just get in touch with us
Special thanks to our supporters (alphabetical order) nerdsheaven tranalyzer voice-logo

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